Firstly, let’s be honest.
I don’t drive and neither have I learned yet. But I make up the 70% of women in Pakistan who like me, have yet to learn. As for the other 30% well, I salute them for their confidence and bravery. (Because well as we all know Pakistani traffic can get messy at times not to mention the barely there, traffic rules.)
Wait, did I just say confidence?
No sorry, I take that back. Because see, that’s where the problem lies. And that is the whole purpose of my article.

The need to be able to drive is for one’s own ease. So that you’re independent enough to transport from one place to another. Not relying on anyone but with your own free will. So that makes it a right, right? (pun intended)
Well men and women in Pakistan are given this right and both make full use of it. Unlike some countries like Saudi Arabia where women are deprived of it.

Well my question is, why is it that we women are given this right but are not confident about it?
We own the road as much as they(men) do.
We’ve earned our license just as they did then why are we not confident about our driving?

Why do we let them boss us around on the road?
Because we’re women?

Why do we allow the drivers of the opposite sex to give us those nasty looks when we stop at a signal?
Because we’re following traffic rules as per the oath we take when earning a license?
(But what would they know since majority of them don’t even have one.)

Why do we allow them to mouth out curses and use foul language for when we drive by them, while they’re stuck at a signal?
Because they’re to weak to bear seeing us women go ahead of them?

Why allow them to honk at you if you’re in front of them and they’re “god forbid” behind?
Because women are supposed to be a step behind men as per their stone age teachings?

Why is that when a woman makes a traffic mistake the gender is blamed but when a man does, it’s just a “mistake” and let it go with throwing a few rupees?
Because we’re women?

Why are they allowed to snarl and laugh every time they see a woman behind the wheel as if its something so unusual and hilarious?
Because we’re women?

So pardon us if we’re too busy following the rules to stay safe and are not “bad-ass” like you if that’s what you call it.
Sorry if our driving is too slow for you because as I mentioned before, Safety First. Yes, even before your ego.
Excuse us if we could care less for bribery and would rather solve an issue legally and the civilised way.
Sorry for not being a man because why would we even want to when we’re women!

This goes for both men and women respectively,
If you’re educated enough to drive then you’re educated enough to respect one another.
If you’re educated enough to drive then you’re educated enough to embrace your rights with confidence!

[This article was solely based on personal observations and experiences not targeting any specific gender or group. So please read if you want to and ignore if you want to. Agree or Disagree. As for criticism there’s no cure for that yet! Also, I do not own the copyrights of the images used.]


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